Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i did some reading today in the journal of the evangelical theological society, it was cool

the first article was for my greek 3 class, it covered a new view on greek verb tenses discussing the aspect of such verbs, it was pretty cool, thought-provoking, almost radical, i enjoyed it, not sure how i feel about it, i have some questions, we'll go over it in class some, anyways, one guy even thinks that in the indicative mood (kinda like declarative statements) what has traditionally been called the tense has no meaning in regard to time, usu time is only considered secondary, but not at all seems to be stretching it, but i think his thoughts are worth considering, either way, it's kinda crazy how the norm can be questioned and this could in some ways change things, to those who are worried, no major doctrine or anything hinges on this, just some of the finer points of translation, anyways, pretty cool article

the other was on just-war and pacifism and how we should handle our views and stuff in today's society, very interesting

it was pretty deep stuff for me, most of my reading isn't at that scholarly of a level, i'm not sure how to feel about it, that's kinda how i'd like to roll in my later years (though still being able to connect to "laypersons"), it was just weird, i'm gonna hafta get used to that, i spent almost 3 minutes on each page just because i had to read slowly to swallow it all (esp the greek stuff since it's so abstract), anyways, it was pretty cool

i cannot remember what i did last night, i've been thinking about it for some time and i'm drawing a blank...oh yeah, i remember now, that ellipsis is longer than it looks, anyways, i did a counseling session with my couple for marriage and family class, then later, i went to our costume party, that was great, the neighbors my wife and i were mystery inc, i was shaggy, good times, we won best all around

also, i put in some contacts i hadn't worn in about 5 1/2 months or so, they were a little funky at first but settled right in, i went back to glasses today but am wondering how long i could wear them w/o problems, i'm not gonna chance it, but really curious, i'm sure we could go much longer and have no problems, but contact companies have employees who hafta feed their kids and pursue happiness ($), i'm just kidding

that's enough i guess, bye

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

so, we always hear about rahab being commended for lying, but it isn't like that

she welcomed spiest, that'st why she got properst

do the pants go on my head? do they? do the pants go on my head?

my fake plants died because i did not pretend to water them-mitch

i'd hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat-mitch

i didn't really have anything great to say, sorry

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i meant to say this earlier, but i forgot:
one of the worst parts about thinning hair/going bald is that you have little to no (real) choice in what haircut you have, or hairstyle or whatever, i can never go somewhere and have people like 'wow, did you get your haircut?' i guess they still ask that (you should be a detective) but it's not different, i dunno, just no options

i appreciate the fda, i'd hate to buy something, get shafted, and just hafta deal, i'm sure that still happens at times, but rarely

stephen's blog is all deep and like a story of his inward struggle, mine's not

but i can work at that

it's funny how "motivated" we can be to do stuff during a message or sermon or whatever and how not we can be later on

it's funny how we can be all like, "man, i'm so gonna be disciplined later (or tomorrow) " or whatever

when i walk down the street in the kinda gangsta part of town, i try and make myself seem like someone you don't wanna jump, one time last year i got angry and in a weird mood so i went out and walked around at night, nobody mugged me, but they were all inside, i think it was too cold for them to mug me

i don't know how i feel about self-defense

a dude driving by my apartment said 'hey woman' or something to my wife who was on the sidewalk, that makes me all sorts of angry

i'm gonna go do some greek in a little bit

i am a bit of a lazy bum, a lotta times when i do stuff i think 'i shouldn't be having to do this, they really owe me,' or whatever, it's kinda lame, that's one thing i was thinking about the other day, i do a lotta stuff i don't want to because i know it's right, i am kinda happy about that tho, i think it says more that i do something i don't want to, although, perhaps with some spiritual cultivation (more "listening to God," heh) i can concentrate on the good stuff

at the a.r.c. tonight this lady from cbn gave a 'testimony' about her coverage in new orleans, i thought of it more as a beating in the face, but one person's trash... anyways, a buncha thoughtless yes's and whatever, i am being somewhat vague in my description for a reason, frustration comes across me, and a big rock on a certain lady's finger, blessings

later for now, those were some theological thoughts i spose

Monday, September 12, 2005

so, sorry i had some typos, that gets on my nerves, not because i wanna appear perfect or even because i don't want people busting me, i just hate bad grammar, my blog may not show it, but i usually try to practice it in my speech

serenitynow is from seinfeld, george's dad says it when he gets angry to kinda keep his emotions under control, but a crazy dude tells george it doesn't work and that eventually he'll hafta let it all out, at the end of the show mr castanza finally explodes and as the show is going off he is destroying all of these computers that george had bought so he'd look like a better salesman for his dad who was running the computer business, he was trying to look better than the crazy guy who was working for his dad also and whom george's mom always praised, i didn't do that justice

i hate shopping for car insurance

i'm not sure of the value in me posting all of this

this is a lot like the e-mails stephen and i used to send each other, maybe this can replace that

i chose pink thisaway or whatever as my background cause it was girly and i thought that it'd be kinda funny

i love you stephen

i have a level 59 blog, hehe

the time on my first one isn't right, i didn't change it and i'm guessing this site is pst
sweet, i'm finally in

the first time i hit new post it was all like 'document contains no data' and i was all like 'i know, that's what i hit new post' and then i was thinking 'dude, i'm stupid' and then i hit it later and it worked

i named this elijah because that means in hebrew "YHWH is my God," and if i figure if people know little else about me, i want them to know that, i spose i also want them to know that He can be their God too, and He is THE god to have, not only given all the lame options as opposed to Him, but because He is perfect, it's a no brainer, though people should use their brains in coming to the aforementioned points (1)other options lame and (2)He is perfect, i see that i mentioned them again, which kinda defeats the purpose, but i didn't want you getting confused

i am here because i love reading my twin brother's thoughts and wanted him to enjoy mine

i hate this is trendy and i'm doing it, i also hate the idea of it being looked at as artsy fartsy in the way i let out my thoughts, i thought about naming the blog that, but it's a stupid name

i've given bums money before, i learned this from feeding some hungry people, they're selfish, they're worldly, they're childish, but you know what? they don't always go to church their whole lives, they do what they know, that's not an excuse, just a reason

i will continue this later, but i have to call about some car insurance (yay) and do a small homework assignment that i'm not wild about, it'd be interesting to take a count on how many of my entries are posted while i'm knowingly procrastinating, lemme defend myself because that's ever so important, i originally read stephen's while i was waiting for time to elapse because the first time i called about car insurance, the lady with whom i desired to speak was busy, i'm glad God justifies me because if i had to do that for Him on behalf of myself, He'd prolly (if he had my patience and lack of love) say 'dude, shutup, i get it alright?' stephen knows what i'm talking about

i hope all my God-related talk isn't thought of as obligatory junk that i'm just sticking in like i'm sposta do, i don't want it to be thought of as unauthentic and cheesy and forced, know that